Menu of Restaurant Parkheuvel


Every dish is being built from scratch. The fundament of every dish has to be perfect. It frustrates me if the basic elements of a dish are not how they are supposed to be. I am creating the dishes out of classic tradition, a tradition of my experiences throughout the years. One of the most important aspects is my  kitchen are the sauces, they need to be extraordinary. 

A signature dish is like a big house or a skyscraper, it is the basic fundament, which is necessary for building a roof. When the roof of a dish is finished I will not be adjusting the flavours anymore. This is one of the most important things in my signature dishes. So what’s important to me is, just by closing their eyes the guest should know it’s my dish, then it means mission accomplished. 

During our lunch and dinner service we have different set menu’s available and an “a la carte” selection.

Set menu’s:

Our menu prices are inclusive of water

Lunch   Wine Paring  
A three course menu with a choice in fish or meat.  € 62   € 40
Four course menu € 110,-   € 55
Six course menu € 130,-   € 70 
Eight course menu € 150,-   € 99
Our best food-wine parings: a matching glass for every course.  Per glass € 15,00     

For the “a la carte” selection press at one of the pages below.

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